Monday, February 11, 2013

Butterfly Wings

Good Afternoon,

Hello! My name is Micki. I am a volunteer staff writer and Social Media Coordinator for L.I.F.E. Recovery International.  You will begin to see frequent blog posts from me, and if you have something to add, or a comment to share, please feel free to talk back to me!

Butterflies are my favorite, so much so that when I am struggling through a situation God will send one across my path to cheer me up and give me hope that he has not left my side.

Every person on the planet is unique. You may resemble other folks, such as your family members, but no two individuals have the same personality. God created you uniquely different and only you can please God in the extraordinary way that only you can do!

In that vein, our stories of transformation may resemble each other, but our journeys are as uniquely different as we are! Stories are a major part of every culture known to man, it is a way to relate oral history, to provide encouragement, strength and hope and they remove shame allowing light to come in releasing us from the shadows.

I will share a little something about my story each time I post. For now, I wanted to introduce myself and provide you with a sneak preview of things to come.

My addictive condition began at the age of 15 when I discovered that alcohol could numb my mind, because I felt too much and I thought too much and needed a way to turn it off. To me it was just what you did, it really did not seem that destructive at the time. Boy was I wrong! Life slammed into me hard nearly 16 years later at the age of 31, when after a failed marriage I finally started seeking recovery and realized I needed help.

I have left you with a cliff hanger my friends, but not to worry, I have 16 years of historical insights to share with you, as well as where I am at now, how I got there and how you can too can find freedom every day!

Ta-ta for now!