Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Blogs Coming Soon

L.I.F.E. Ministries is developing new blogs. We are in the testing stage of our new blogs for men, women, and spouses of sex addicts. These blogs will be specific to each of these groups to encourage more interaction through secure communications.

Look for the official announcement of the availability of these blogs in the near future.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recovery: A Poetic Reflection

In a state of confusion
In a state of pain
I have nothing to loose
My self worth to gain

I'm crying for help
I reach out my hand
On the ground where I've fallen
I now take a stand


I've come a long way
With a long way to go
I live in today
And the truth that I know

The lies that I face
Echo from the past
I'm rebuilding myself
Recovery at last!


The wounds that I've caused
The wounds that I got
I've hurt many people
And been hurt a lot

Now it's time to stop hurting
And let healing kick in
I'm not here to hang out
I'm in recovery to win!


The thinking I had
It wreaked of dismay
That thinking has stopped
As of today

Believed I was worthless
Was feeling afraid
I'm a child of God
And I am wonderfully made

Stephen Mathews – 2010-11-24

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Walking Out the Call

Lately God's given me a fresh view of the "Unchangeableness of His character" that "I AM for you Sue… I AM in the details of your journey, expect Me to show up to defend and protect your purpose. I have created you for this." With each 'crisis of belief' I have witnessed this reality and God's track record stands faultless. He _is_ "for" me and I trust that more every day. Now in my 4th year of full time ministry, I find that I look for Him in every detail and _can_ relax in all things. Nothing escapes His notice …feathers and pedals - Matthew 6. Resting secure, abiding confidently in Him, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

From Sue M.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Calls' Witness

Earlier this year, L.I.F.E. Ministries was blessed with the opportunity to facilitate Recovery Conferences in Atlanta and Salisbury, Maryland. Can I SHOUT OUT here, wow! Watching God use our boo-boos to shine His light and testify of His goodness leaves me short on words (believe it). The Holy Spirit gives a hunger to these men and women to be set free and experience freedom from the misery of their addictive condition. They show up and God feeds their hungry souls with hope to become what He designed them to be… free before His throne, blameless. Blessed and highly favored, who wouldn't want that!!!
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