Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The trap of feelings...

by B Hicks

Why do feelings matter so much?  I've learn in recovery that feelings aren't wrong.  How we react to those feelings is where we get into trouble.

I'm well into my recovery but I have been struggling with feeling distant from the Lord.  I will admit, my head knows how good and faithful God is.  He has worked out many impossible situations for me in the last couple years but my heart was yearning for something, more of His presence.  I missed Him.  See, when I was going through the heaviest of storms in my life, I could almost feel God in a tangible way.  It is difficult to explain.  He was real to me.  His presence was so incredibly strong and I can't describe the peace and joy even when my life was a big heap of ashes still smoking.  After tasting the goodness and nearness of God, I've had difficulty in my heart understanding why I didn't feel Him the same way any longer.  I terribly missed the sweet gift of His presence!

So, last week I started really sharing with the Lord how I was feeling.  All the doubt and gloom.  I used journaling to open up my thoughts and it kept me from getting distracted.  It was ugly and I wouldn't want anyone to read it.  What I realized is that Satan is sly.  He uses different and new tactics to get us to rely on our feelings.  He knows where we are vulnerable and attacks us there.  I believed his lies that God wasn't close or good even though intellectually I knew better.  Wow, I just put that out there for you to see! 

On Saturday night after many days of crying out to God and studying His Word looking for answers and relief from this heaviness in my heart, I decided to go online and look for suggestions on...how to feel close to God.

I came across this article and it hit me.  I've been dealing with a wrong view of myself and I was trapped in my feelings of self-pity. 

"What's really happening in our lives, then, is this: While we're busy questioning ourselves and our worthiness to be close to God, God is busy loving us, appreciating our absolute beauty, wanting us to realize who we are. God says, "Come to Me as you are. Don't dress up specially. Don't put on a holy act. Just come as you are -- I love you that way." Thus, God invites us to enjoy a great and Divine love affair."


It can happen to you.  Watch out for the trap of your feelings!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

One less lonely girl....

by BHicks

I love Justin Bieber's song One Less Lonely Girl (google it if you haven't heard it).  I think it's a sweet song and I'm approaching mid 40's.  Recently, my husband joked me on facebook for listening to it over and over.  As I was thinking about the song and the words I began to realize the desire to be romanced is something most of us want.  We were created with a desire to love and be loved.  Books, movies, and songs pull us into that fantasy of how love should look and feel.  I'm not an expert, you will hear me say that often, but we buy into how we should feel and anything short of that isn't love.

Truth is...there is only one way to be "One Less Lonely Girl" and that is to ask Jesus to come into your world and heart.  His presence replaces the lonely with peace, joy and love beyond belief.  I am recovering and rediscovering because of His love!  A love that never fails!

I will continue to sing this sweet tune but remembering there is only one who could make me "One Less Lonely Girl".  I know Him personally and His name is Jesus!  Lonely?  Give Him a try! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cut the rope...

by B Hicks

I was reading this morning about Paul being shipwrecked in Acts 27 & 28.  I've read this passage many times, but today I was reminded of all the anchors I've allow to remain in my life from time to time.  It was only during my storm, with wind and waves battering me unmercifully, that I was broken enough for God to speak in my heart and open my eyes to my anchors.  These anchors might not look like yours or maybe you can relate to some of these.  The anchor of self sufficiency, self righteousness, false beliefs about myself and God, a critical spirit, feelings of entitlement, not being honest with my spouse, things I did for comfort, or a strong desire for approval, acceptance and love.  Whatever the anchor, we can be free but we must be willing to cut the rope.  Total surrender.  Accepting grace.

You'll be changed from the inside out...God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.  Romans 12:2