Thursday, September 26, 2013

by Dave G
Before we are promoted in life, before we can be moved ahead, we have to be prepared. Sometimes it’s a spiritual preparation. Sometimes it’s a physical preparation, but we all go through seasons of preparation.
Too often, people miss their appointed time simply because they are not ready. They haven’t prepared. They look around at others and think, “Well, so-and-so is more qualified than I am.” No, if you’ll get ready, if you’ll outgrow where you are, then God will make room for something greater.
Don’t worry about who’s in line in front of you. You just keep growing, learning and getting prepared, and the right doors will open. The fact is that God may not want you to have your supervisor’s position. That may be too low for you. God may be about to thrust you right past them into a whole new level. You just be faithful to develop what God has placed in you, and He will take you further than you can ever imagine!

Monday, September 23, 2013


by B Hicks

We recently moved from one small rental to another larger rental.  I can tell you that I have moved over 17 times and that I dislike moving as much as the dreaded jean shopping.  It makes me irritable and moody.  I heard myself saying, "It's just too much work" or "I just don't want to move".  I knew the one bathroom situation was becoming an issue since our college daughter had recently moved home but I thought we could and should work around the inconveniences.  The boys could use the backyard, that's not to much to ask.  Well, I heard myself say that and immediately knew it wasn't ok.  So we decided to move and the boxes found their way into the house.

Oh, those wonderful brown ugly horrible boxes.  We still had boxes full of junk in the garage from the last move.  No one wanted to unpack those boxes including me!!

Fast forward to now.  We have been in the new place for a little over a month.  I was in a hurry to unpack the boxes that I knew had items we needed to live.  I was in a hurry but not happy.  This was the same for my healing on this painful journey of betrayal.  I wanted my healing to come in a hurry and I wasn't happy during a lot of those seasons that lasted longer than I expected.  I started unpacking my junk quickly after the train wreck of my marriage.  I am 33 months into my unpacking and wow what a different person I am today.  My life, marriage and family look a lot different than they did back then.  I got through it!  Was it easy?  Nope.  Painful? Yep.  Did healing come quickly?  Not a chance.  But unpacking is why I am who I am.  It was a good thing!!  Emotions and childhood wounds were uncovered and uncluttered from my life.  Moving, ugh...I admit it has been a good thing!  I am still unpacking, down to about 6 boxes, but with each day I'm closer to having the home I desire...unpacked and uncluttered.  And as I work this road of recovery, each day I'm closer to becoming the unpacked and uncluttered Christian I desire!

By the way, two of the junk boxes from the garage got unpacked today.  Feels great!