Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recovery: A Poetic Reflection

In a state of confusion
In a state of pain
I have nothing to loose
My self worth to gain

I'm crying for help
I reach out my hand
On the ground where I've fallen
I now take a stand


I've come a long way
With a long way to go
I live in today
And the truth that I know

The lies that I face
Echo from the past
I'm rebuilding myself
Recovery at last!


The wounds that I've caused
The wounds that I got
I've hurt many people
And been hurt a lot

Now it's time to stop hurting
And let healing kick in
I'm not here to hang out
I'm in recovery to win!


The thinking I had
It wreaked of dismay
That thinking has stopped
As of today

Believed I was worthless
Was feeling afraid
I'm a child of God
And I am wonderfully made

Stephen Mathews – 2010-11-24

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Walking Out the Call

Lately God's given me a fresh view of the "Unchangeableness of His character" that "I AM for you Sue… I AM in the details of your journey, expect Me to show up to defend and protect your purpose. I have created you for this." With each 'crisis of belief' I have witnessed this reality and God's track record stands faultless. He _is_ "for" me and I trust that more every day. Now in my 4th year of full time ministry, I find that I look for Him in every detail and _can_ relax in all things. Nothing escapes His notice …feathers and pedals - Matthew 6. Resting secure, abiding confidently in Him, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

From Sue M.