Friday, April 1, 2016

Not Even Celebrities are Immune to Sexual Addiction

Nobody is immune to addiction. Millions of people struggle with sexual addiction around the world. Hypersexuality is far-reaching, and does not discriminate - it affects men, women, young people, old people, and even celebrities! This post will discuss several celebrities that you may or may not know have struggled with sexual addiction.

One of the first celebrities to open up about their battle with sexual addiction is Michael Douglas, a famous actor and director. Douglass admitted himself to an addiction treatment center in 1990, bringing the concept of sexual addiction into the public eye.

Motorcycle mechanic and TV host, Jesse James, acknowledged that he was a sex addict after cheating on his wife, famous movie actor Sandra Bullock. In an interview with ABC news, James stated that his sexual addiction stemmed from childhood physical and emotional abuse, inflicted on him by his father.

Among some of the more well-known celebrity sex addicts are Tiger Woods, and Charlie Sheen. Both the famous golfer and the TV actor faced significant attention from the media regarding their addictions. Woods's addiction had a significant impact on his marriage - he was faced with divorce after multiple women came forward clean about their sexual relations with the golfer. Woods has since stated that his sexually addictive behavior escalated over time, as he developed a "tolerance" and needed more sexual encounters to fuel his addictive desires. Sheen, on the other hand, perpetuated his sexual addiction through the use of prostitutes, spending over $50,000 on their services. While Sheen has never admitted to having a sex addiction, signs of hypersexuality include repeated use of prostitutes, frequent visits to strip clubs, and sex with multiple anonymous partners.

Hopefully, this post will give you insight into the fact that sexual addiction can impact anyone, at any time. You are not alone. Collaboration with others in the form of group therapy and support groups have proven to be instrumentally effective in treating sexual addiction. Lean on the support of others, and never give up!


"When Sex is a Problem for the Rich and Famous" by Dennis Thompson Jr.

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