Monday, April 11, 2016

Sexual Addiction in Teens

Being a teenager is not easy. Teens experience changes in their body, they have to attend school and other activities, and prepare for college. Researchers have found that teenagers in the U.S. are experiencing sexual experimentation earlier than ever before. This can in part be attributed to internet sex sites, and a heightened exposure to sexual material online and in music and TV. Unfortunately for some teens, this can lead to obsessive or addictive thoughts and behaviors when it comes to sex.

If you think your teen is developing sexual addiction, pay attention to their behavior. They may spend more time alone in their room, or attempt to keep their internet activity a secret. Some teens also begin a sexual addiction through "sexting," or sending sexually explicit pictures through text message. Sexual addiction can lead to a loss of control for a teenager. They can be unable to control sexual thoughts and feelings, or spend hours viewing sexual material on the internet. This can lead to a loss of social connections, and a decline in their academic progress.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help teens who suffer from sexual addiction. There are treatment centers that focus on helping teens learn new ways to cope with triggers, and new techniques for handling stress. Be upfront with your teenager. Have a conversation with them about sexual addiction, and encourage them to engage in safe, healthy sexual behaviors. Professional therapists and counselors can help parents and teens approach the subject, and learn ways to keep open communication when it comes to sex and sexual addiction.


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